Custom Shades in Simi Valley

Shopping for window coverings isn’t as simple as one might think. You’re not only looking for the right color and style, but also length, material, texture, opacity, and more. Without a trusted professional, you may be paying for a cheaply made product that won’t last. With custom shades from Bloomin' Blinds of Ventura County, you can get tailor-made inventory that suits your space to a T.

Our local Simi Valley consultants work with you, listening to your ideas and presenting viable options that match your budget. We provide in-home consultations that make choosing all the elements for personalized shades much easier and more convenient. You can see first-hand how the materials match your décor and window shape.

We love making recommendations based on your provided information, but we also want to know what you’ve envisioned for your room. We’ll work together to design window treatments that are durable, energy-efficient, visually appealing, and budget-friendly.

How Do I Start Creating My Custom Shades?

One of our goals is to help customers understand that the perfect window treatments might not exist until you create them yourself. When you start thinking about the type of custom shades you want, we recommend making a list of must-haves. This list can help you discern between essential and non-essential elements.

Some things to consider include:

  • The amount of sunlight your room gets
  • The type of flooring and walls in the room
  • The size and shape of your window
  • The room’s humidity level

Thinking about the aspects above can help you envision your custom shades and verbally convey your ideas to our consultants.

The Perks of Having Personalized Window Coverings

Shades are similar to drapes in that you’re dealing with a delicate material that requires a bit more upkeep than blinds or shutters. However, the good news is custom shades come with various benefits that you may not have been aware of.


Shades are typically made of cotton and polyester, which are great thermal insulators. This can help you save on energy costs in the summer and winter and help you avoid having to install insulation.


We can incorporate motorization into your custom shades, allowing you to control your window treatments via remote control or smart device. This feature adds convenience and modernization to an already elegant product.

Visual Appeal

When you allow our team to help you design custom window coverings for your property, your space gains instant visual appeal. You can make a room feel larger, provide more light control, and protect your décor elements so that your room stays beautiful longer.

Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation for custom shades in Simi Valley, or call (805) 273-8901 for more information.

Benefits Of Blinds Style

Shutters can change the look of your entire home. The aesthetic value that shutters bring can not only increase the value of the home but also adding curb appeal since shutters frame the windows.


Home shutters can provide a desired level of privacy as they allow you to adjust the horizontal slats with a simple tilt. By closing the shutters, you can darken a room for movies or having your nosey neighbor peeking in.


Shutters can be a huge help and add a layer of protection when it comes to insulting your home. From cooling your home during the summer to retaining the warmth during the winter shutters can help regulate the internal temperature allowing for unwanted heat waves and blocking out cold drafts.

Light Control

Morning sun rays can be a rude awakening especially in the bedroom when it hits you right in the face. Shutters can provide better and longer sleep allowing you to wake up refreshed and charged for the day. Shutters are known to block out more sunlight than any other window treatment on the market.

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