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Blind Repair in Simi Valley, CA

Fast & Affordable Mobile Blinds Repair Services

Over the years, Bloomin' Blinds of Ventura County has refined our repair services to be as efficient and budget-friendly as possible. Meeting the highest standards in the industry, we apply proven techniques and utilize specialized equipment. Our technicians are versatile and highly trained – capable of repairing vertical, Venetian, horizontal, vinyl, and wooden blinds. Whatever problem you face, we will hurry over and get the job done right.

Simi Valley dining room windows with unbroken window blinds

If you are considering a brand-new window treatment, you’ve come to the right place. We can show you the pros and cons of purchasing a new set of blinds vs. paying for a repair. For those who only need a spruce-up, blind repair is cheaper than buying an entirely new set of blinds. However, if your blinds are old and worn out, we can help you choose a stunning design that transforms your space and complements your décor. We have a vast inventory of window blinds to choose from and exceptional installation services.

About Our Blind Repair Service Options

Accommodating your busy schedule, we do our best to make the process convenient and stress-free. Our window blinds technicians always show up fully prepared. Arriving in a van stocked with parts, tools, and specialty equipment, we will have your blinds functioning seamlessly again in no time.

Blind repair service requests usually involve problems with:

  • Tilt Mechanisms – A wand tilter is the stick that twist blinds open and closed. Cord tilters serve the same function but consist of strings connected to a flywheel. If either type of tilter breaks or gets stuck, we can repair.
  • Broken Slats – Sometimes, a horizontal or vertical slat can break, dislodge, snap in half, or get stained. We can replace your slat when this happens – regardless of whether it is wood, vinyl, plastic, or faux wood. With a vast inventory, we likely have the exact matching color, material, and size.
  • Ladder Strings – Ladder strings hold blind slats in place. When they fray, tear, or cut into two, your slats will unattractively droop. Our technicians can meticulously fix your ladder strings promptly and economically.
Repaired wood blinds on den windows in Simi Valley
  • Barrels – Whether made of durable metal or cheap plastic, the rounded drum barrels located at the top of your blinds are susceptible to natural wear and tear. If your barrels stop working or break, we offer easy and affordable repair options.
  • Lift String – Lift strings allow you to lift or lower your window blinds to filter sunlight. If an issue arises, give us a call right away. We’ll come to check out your situation at our earliest convenience.

Is It Possible to Repair Blinds?

Yes! In fact, blind repair companies specialize in repairing issues with blinds. This includes problems like broken slats, damaged blind strings, a broken pull cord, or an inoperable tilt cord. Repairing can be a great alternative to replacing blinds as long as parts are available and the damage is not excessive.

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