Family Owned and Operated Since 2001
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Family Owned & Operated Since 2001

Meet the Team

  • Braxton Allen
    Braxton Allen Portrait
    Braxton Allen

    Braxton is the oldest of the boys, and really turning into quite the man. He loves to fix things and is taking auto body and mechanic classes in school. Like dad, he is a sports lover. He is an avid K State fan and participates in just about any sport he can get his hands on. We expect Braxton to keep us on our toes and make sure all of our repair techniques are up to speed, as the Senior Technical Advisor we wouldn’t expect anything less. Mom may also steal him for home “honey-do’s” on occasion, too!

  • Jaxon Allen
    Jaxon Allen Portrait
    Jaxon Allen

    Jaxon is a talented boy—he loves to sing and act. He has starred in several local productions including playing Ralphie (who he bares an uncanny resemblance to) in “A Christmas Story, the Musical.” Jaxon was also selected for his singing as a finalist for the Kansas Kids Got Talent in 2014. He loves to argue and will hopefully be our future legal counsel, star in some future Bloomin’ Blinds commercials, and maybe sing a jingle for the business.

  • Trevon Allen
    Trevon Allen Portrait
    Trevon Allen

    Trevon is the youngest of the three boys. With an early love for technology and people, he is being groomed to become our Director of Media Relations in the near future! While Trevon is the youngest of his family, he holds his own in a house with much bigger boys.

  • Trey Allen
    Trey Allen Portrait
    Trey Allen Owner

    Trey had been looking for the right opportunity to go into business for himself for quite some time. Right away, Bloomin’ Blinds seemed like a perfect fit. The family-first, “treat people the way you want to be treated” approach lines up perfectly with how Trey was raised in southwest Kansas. Trey has worked in various positions in sales and customer service and has a special ability to relate to people from all walks of life. Trey will be the one that comes out on repair and sales appointments, so say hello and pull up a seat, he loves to talk about sports and his family. Some of his favorite days are spent taking his three boys out for a day of fishing, putt-putt golf, arcade, or any other excuse he can find to get out of the house. If Trey is out of town, it is likely to visit the parents and go out on the boat and jet skis at Melvern Reservoir.