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Window Blinds in Suffolk County

Custom Blinds to Suit Your Budget & Style

Have you been searching for custom blinds only to find that your go-to retailer doesn’t have exactly what you want? You need an expert blinds company with the resources and experience to help you find custom window treatments that will highlight your room’s style. Look no further than Bloomin' Blinds of Suffolk County!

We truly believe the design of a space can’t be completed without custom window blinds to add the visual appeal and function you’re missing. We have a wide variety of colors and styles to enhance the aesthetic of virtually any room. Additionally, blinds can serve a practical function, giving you the ability to control the amount of sunlight that filters into the space, helping to preserve your floors and furniture.

Whether you want to set a dark and moody atmosphere or a light and airy environment in your home or business, our team can help you choose the window blinds that are right for you. With a wide selection of custom blinds for almost every aesthetic, our products can be a great functional and visual addition when incorporating style into your property. Plus, we offer blinds installation and on-site repairs so you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting.

Call (631) 239-7078 to get in touch with our Suffolk County team or schedule a free estimate online to get started designing the space of your dreams with custom blinds.

The Benefits of Cellular Shades

Our customers choose cellular shades because of the following benefits:
  • Variety of Fabrics 
    & Styles
  • Cost Effective
  • Top Seller
  • Remote Control 
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Which blinds are best to buy for my home?

The simple answer is that it really depends on your individual style and budget. Because every home is different, some blinds may not be the ideal fit for your space, while others will work perfectly. Fortunately, Bloomin' Blinds of Suffolk County has a wide selection of styles and options, and our design experts guide you through the process during your free design consultation to help you discover your exact needs.

Which blinds offer the most privacy?

Blinds, by their very nature, offer privacy for homes and businesses alike. The blinds that offer the most privacy are blackout blinds, which block sunlight from entering a room and stop anyone from looking through your windows. Our Suffolk County design team provides blackout blinds in various colors and materials, including faux wood and aluminum. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option to cover larger or broader windows, blackout blinds may work best for you.

  • Aluminum mini blinds – Many people find the lightweight design of aluminum mini blinds attractive because they’re smaller, narrower, and work well for oddly shaped windows. The mini construction makes them visually appealing and a desirable option for anyone looking for both subtly and functionality.
  • Real wood blinds - Real wood blinds offer you the ability to further customize with stain to complement virtually any décor style seamlessly. While not as durable as faux wood, real wood blinds can add an upscale and elegant look to your room.
  • Faux wood blinds - One of our top sellers is our faux wood blinds because they set a warm and enticing mood in any space. The real-wood appearance, extra endurance, and low price make them very appealing to buyers. Faux wood blinds are also low maintenance and hold up in rooms—such as kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms—that have a tendency to be more humid and contain moisture.
  • Motorized blinds - Ease of use is just one benefit motorized blinds can add to your space. Our motorized blinds come in multiple styles and colors for a sleeker look. If you’re in the market for the convenience and safety of cordless blinds, but still want sophistication at an affordable price, motorized blinds may be the option for you.

Because we have various window blinds to choose from, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Not to worry, we’ve compiled a quick list below of some of our most popular styles to assist in your decision-making process. As you’re reading through this list, consider your space, design, and the overall function of the blinds. Once you’re finished, we’re confident we can help you find your perfect match. Whether you have questions or you’re ready to get started, call us at (631) 239-7078.

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Blinds FAQ

What is the average cost of window blinds?

The cost of window blinds can vary depending on your particular needs. Generally, the price of custom window blinds ranges anywhere from $700 to $900 for an entire project. The expense can be directly influenced by factors such as the size of the windows, the manufacturer, the blinds’ material, how many sets you need, if installation is included, and so much more.

Bloomin' Blinds of Suffolk County has dedicated design consultants who will assist you through the entire process and provide estimates so you know exactly what you’re getting. When you request a free, no-obligation consultation, we listen to what you want, provide available options, and work within your desired budget to provide you with the window blinds of your dreams. Then, we schedule your blinds installation with our local installation team.

Which blinds are safest for children and pets?

Cordless blinds and motorized blinds will be the best option if you’re considering safe and stylish blinds to protect your children and four-legged companions. Nowadays, it’s challenging to find lift cord blinds in stores because of their significant choking and strangulation hazards. Cordless and motorized blinds are worth the investment if you’re looking to provide a secure environment without compromising style and function. We recommend upgrading from lift cord blinds to a cordless option in children’s rooms, nurseries, and/or playrooms if a complete overhaul isn’t in your budget right now. Our team would love to work with you and see how we can make your home safer long-term.

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Why do I need professional blinds installation?

You should never have to worry about your blinds falling off the walls because of a rushed job or poor installation. With our dedicated experts handling your blinds installation, you get the peace of mind that your new custom blinds are safely and securely mounted. Our local installers take the time to precisely and accurately measure your windows (while maintaining the proper social distance) for the correct fit. You can feel confident knowing the installation process is in the most capable hands, because delivering a stress-free experience is what we’re known for. Saving you time and money with quality installation is our ultimate goal, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your new custom blinds.

Why should I order blinds from Bloomin' Blinds of Suffolk County?

Our professional design consultants make purchasing your desired blinds as easy as 1-2-3! We will walk you through the design consultation, style selection and purchase, and blinds installation. We also answer questions to dispel any confusion or misunderstandings about our process. Nothing makes our team happier than seeing you save time, money, and get the window treatments you’ve always wanted.

When you work with our Suffolk County design experts, we:

  • Provide you with a no-obligation, complimentary consultation
  • Aim to deliver a cost-effective customer experience
  • Offer suggestions and show you physical and digital samples to better visualize the blinds in your space
  • Take accurate measurements before the installation
  • Provide a price estimate for blinds and installation
  • Facilitate your custom order for a worry-free experience

Once your selection is made and your order is underway, we schedule the installation with one of our trusted, local installers at a time that’s convenient for you. We will take accurate measurements to ensure your blinds fit correctly and securely on install day. Our team is always prepared with the proper tools and supplies, and we clean up after ourselves before we go. After that, all you need to do is sit back and admire your new custom window blinds.

Call us at (631) 239-7078 for more information or schedule your free consultation to get started.

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