Family Owned and Operated Since 2001
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Family Owned & Operated Since 2001

Meet the Team

  • John Eskildsen
    John Eskildsen

    John had enough of witnessing short cuts and less than superior workmanship and he knew Traci was growing weary of her corporate job, so he suggested that they team up to start a blind, shade and shutter repair and installation business. After all, John had been perfecting his installation skills for quite some time. John always dreamed of being a super hero when he grew up - and now he is … faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, John is able to fix broken blinds in a single bound! And, when he’s not out fixing blinds or selling new amazing products to folks in the community, you’ll no doubt find him on the golf course teaching their three little people the art of the game or caddying for one or all of them in a US Kids Golf tournament.

  • Logan Eskildsen
    Logan Eskildsen

    Logan is the pleaser of the bunch. He is hardworking, smart and funny (sometimes). He’s already more famous than both of his parents - appearing in the North Palm Beach news for his not 1, but 2 holes in one at the North Palm Beach Country Club in three days! When he’s not out practicing his golf skills after school, he might just end up at your doorstep learning the tricks of the trade from John. After all, with Blind repair in such high demand, we are starting them young these days!

  • Reese Eskildsen
    Reese Eskildsen

    Our darling Ree-Ree is not one to push up her sleeves and get her hands dirty. She is queen of the remote control and master of all Roblux fashion shows. The closest Ree will come to heavy lifting is modeling our new Bloomin’ Blinds tees and hats. When you meet her, you will love her sweet and kind old soul just as much as we do. After all, who wouldn’t love a child who can’t decide between being a Stuffed Animal or a Unicorn when she grows up?

  • Traci Halky
    Traci Halky

    Traci has been living in Palm Beach County for nearly a decade, but her corporate life prevented her from fully experiencing the Florida summers because she worked indoors all darn day and night. Traci had always wanted to go out on her own, do something different, take the, when John suggested that they start a blinds, shades and shutters business together, Traci jumped at the chance. Although Traci and John are no longer married, they remain close friends and enjoy working together to build a flourishing business to provide for their children’s future. Now that Traci has left the corporate world, she sweats quite a bit while riding bikes with their three kids - Logan, Charlotte & Reese - and soaking in that Florida sun. Be sure to give a shout out if you see the crew pedaling about in their Bloomin’ Blinds digs!