Family Owned and Operated Since 2001
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Family Owned & Operated Since 2001

Meet the Team

  • Audris
    Audris  Portrait
    Audris Owner

    To say that Audris is a "surprise around every corner" is no understatement. Imagine this...a woman of Asian decent, growing up in Venezuela and fluent in 3 languages...pound for pound the best person we have every met. Audris is full of life and has a giant smile for just about anyone who crosses her path. With a long history in customer service and retail management, Audris really does know how to treat a customer like family! Audris does struggle with an addiction to dancing and working out, if she's coming over, you may want to turn off the radio unless you want your appointment to turn into a dance off in the Living Room. No, should turn off the radio. The only way to stop her is to ask her about her son, Easton, that will break the spell.

  • Harold
    Harold  Portrait
    Harold Owner

    A California native, Harold joined the Army as soon as he turned 18 and dove right into the complicated world of IT and communications. After 9 years in service, Harold moved into the corporate world but just wasn't satisfied with "making others rich." After a really bad experience buying blinds for his own home, Harold was sure that there must be a better way...his search led him to Bloomin' Blinds and the rest is history. Bloomin' Blinds of Orange Co is Harold's third love, behind his partner Audris and their son Easton, but you will see his passion when he gets to your house! If you have a moment, ask Harold about the time he met Oprah...its a crazy story that involves three cats and some bed sheets.