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Posts from 2021

  • How Bloomin’ Blinds Uses AI to Help Business Owners Grow How Bloomin’ Blinds Uses AI to Help Business Owners Grow You’ve probably heard of it, but artificial intelligence – or more simply referred to as AI – is a computer’s ability to work towards mimicking human cognition through machine learning. What’s machine learning? It’s an important branch of artificial intelligence where ... Continue Reading
  • What Do I Need to Know Before Starting a Window Covering Franchise? Becoming a business owner is no easy task. No matter the industry or business, it’s imperative that one prepares ahead of time to develop specific skill sets to ensure success. While our window covering franchise is known for offering excellent training and support to our ... Continue Reading
  • How Fighting Fires Prepared Bloomin' Blinds COO For Business Leadership To Kristopher Stuart, operating a business is a lot like his previous career as a professional firefighter. When challenges arise, Kristopher knows how to observe, orient, decide, act and then reanalyze everything he does. "You have to follow dependable processes and ... Continue Reading
  • Family Matters: What Motivated these Sisters to Open a Bloomin’ Blinds Franchise Together Bloomin' Blinds franchisees Rebecca Buls and Rachel Barker Rebecca Buls and Rachel Barker give sisterhood a new meaning. For several years, the sisters worked together in the blinds and window repair industry, taking after their father, who’s been in the business for 30 years. Together, Rebecca and Rachel share over 25 years of ... Continue Reading
  • Bloomin’ Blinds Takes Center Stage in Veterans in Franchising’s Latest Issue To date, our family-owned window treatment franchise company services over 66 territories throughout the United States. With plans to expand our reach to a whopping 200 franchise territories within the next five years, many people wonder – how? In the latest issues of ... Continue Reading
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