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Letter from the Bloomin' Blinds CEO

Letter from Our CEO, Kelsey Stuart

I am often asked why the blinds business? It seems funny how important blinds can be. We have a saying at our company: if your blinds aren’t becoming to you, they should be coming to us! These words ring true for our clients. Blinds are simple things that can be practical and add so many benefits for your home. However, when they are broken or incompatible with your house, it can throw everything off. That is why our franchises do so well. The majority of homes in America have blinds. That is why we offer support nationwide.

You may be wondering, what sets Bloomin’ Blinds apart from the many other blind repair companies? The answer is that not only do we fix blinds, we also sell blinds as well. This not something offered through other businesses and what makes our company profitable. By offering such unique and progressive services, we attract more customers, which allow us to grow faster. This growth then translates to new business owners. This is where you come in. Why not join a franchise known for quality and success?

When an entrepreneur invests with Bloomin’ Blinds, they can trust that they are in good hands. We make sure that all our franchise owners are qualified and have the tools they need to succeed. When you acquire a Bloomin’ Blinds business, you receive advanced training, effective marketing tools, and the support you need all in a friendly environment geared towards helping you thrive.

Bloomin' Blinds has been in business since Sept 2001, weathering a massive recession. Our franchise model is supported by our Dallas location and the founders of the company are your daily contact. We have multiple locations across the nation. We are looking to open around 200-250 units and better an already strong national brand presence.

Many individuals fear the risk involved with opening a new business. One of the many benefits of Bloomin’ Blinds is our proven success. You do not have to go into a business blind!

The average breakdown of startup costs are:

  • Franchise Fee: $25K
  • Vehicle: $5-10K (Dependent on what you buy, has to be white and self-enclosed)
  • Initial Inventory: $500 (Repair Parts)
  • Tools/Ladders/Etc.: $2000
  • Scheduling Software: $95/month
  • Misc. furnishings: $1000
  • Ongoing Royalty: 6% of gross sales, billed monthly
  • SEO Marketing: $550/month starting 3rd month

In total, the initial costs should amount to 35k -40k. This allows you to work to expand your business. You have the freedom to manage and operate your own company.

Average sales include:

  • Blind Repair: Avg Invoice - $175 (Profit - virtually all of it minus travel)
  • Blind Sales: Avg Invoice - 1300 (Profit - Margins range from 30-120% depending on product)
  • Historically, Repeat and Referral invoices account for 40% off your month.
  • Our Austin, TX franchise finished his first 12 months with $115K in gross sales. His monthly marketing spend is about $275/month.
  • The Phoenix location is aggressively marketing and has generated over $110K in seven months since opening.

At Bloomin’ Blinds, we are looking for dedicated, motivated individuals who have the drive to make their business thrive. We are a team of entrepreneurs who look to the future, who look to success. We thank you for contacting us and look forward to discussing all the opportunities Bloomin' Blinds has available to help you achieve your dreams.

Kelsey Stuart, CEO Bloomin Blinds

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