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Meet the Team

Meet Our Team at Bloomin’ Blinds

At Bloomin’ Blinds, family is very important to us. We believe that the strong ties that bind us in families should also translate into our business structure. All of our franchise owners and employees are part of our extended family. As such, we strive to take care of them so that we can better service your home. Get to know the team that will help guide you through your franchise journey.

Karen McGuffin: Founder & President

Karen is a lifelong entrepreneur and Bloomin’ Blinds is version 2.0 of her work in the window covering industry. Starting in a 3-bedroom apartment in Dallas, TX, Karen began working on building Bloomin’ Blinds into the national company that it is today. Having built successful companies in retail clothing, food service, and mobile service sales/repair industries, her ability to gauge markets and customers is unparalleled. As much as Karen loves to build businesses, her passion is in giving back to the community and helping feed the hungry in Dallas.

Kelsey Stuart: CEO

Kelsey has been with Bloomin’ Blinds since the beginning and has spent much of his time focused on the marketing and growth of the company. Rising from the “mailroom” to the top chair, there isn’t a part of the Bloomin’ model that he isn’t intimately familiar with. Still in day-to-day contact with our franchise owners, Kelsey is the lead contact for most of the questions that franchise owners have. Kelsey has two girls that he will brag about at any given moment and a wife that he adores more than the day they were married. Work hard and run away to Mexico…that’s Kelsey’s motto!

Kris Stuart

Kris Stuart has been with Bloomin’ Blinds from the beginning, no really, he was the first team member under Karen McGuffin. Kris is the technical genius behind many of the systems and processes that we use to create success. Gifted with an ability to see problems from many different angles before even getting started, Kris has guided Bloomin’ Blinds over the years in advancing what we do and how we do it. Many of the standards that we hold our brand to are the direct result of Kris’ efforts. A father of one and married to an angel, Kris is also a full time firefighter and amateur “blower up of stuff”. If you would like to talk guns, flames, explosions, or anything that goes boom, Kris is your guy!

Kevin Stuart

Kevin Stuart joined Bloomin’ Blinds just a couple years after launch and has been our repair expert from day one. Having worked all elements of the field; repairs, sales, installation and cleaning. Kevin is the authority on repair questions for franchise owners and warehouse management. You will never meet a more positive individual on the planet. Recently married in 2015, Kevin loves three thing…Bloomin’ Blinds, his wife, and the Seahawks (not always in that order). As an owner, your repair/technical questions should start with Kevin, he is amazing at his craft.

With our experienced and knowledgeable leaders to guide you, you will have the support and tools to start your own business. Our franchise opportunity allows you to be your own boss and start your own company.

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What You Get with Bloomin' Blinds?

  • Advanced Training

    You will receive a 2 to 3 week training where you will get details instructions on blind repair, sales, and installation.

  • Powerful Marketing Tools

    Access to all marketing materials, as well as website developed for your unique location.

  • Support You Need

    Personal support through multiple avenues, as well as scheduling and CRM software.

  • Family Friendly Atmosphere

    Working like a family company, regardless of size, is very important to our culture and business model.

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