Family Owned and Operated since 2001

About Us

About Bloomin’ Blinds Franchises

Established and Growing Since 2001

At Bloomin’ Blind, we are a family owned and operated franchise. Established in 2001, we endeavor to help entrepreneurs open their own company and achieve their goal of being a business owner. We offer our franchise owners the opportunity to be a part of something great. We have proven methods and tools to ensure success. Our nationally recognized brand makes marketing easier, while our long-term support helps you grow as a business owner.

The advantages of owning a Bloomin’ Blinds Franchise:

  • You can benefit from our experience – At Bloomin’ Blinds, we have been in business since 2001. We have survived the recession and have learned valuable lessons on how to make a company thrive. We share this knowledge with our franchisees.
  • You join a family – Family is very important to us. You join a team who will have your best interests at heart. We provide support so you never feel alone.
  • You work with a method that works – With each franchise that opens, we prove that our method works. We train all our business owners the traits to success.
  • You will work with a brand that is nationally recognized – Bloomin’ Blinds is a company known throughout the country. You don’t have to struggle with getting people to know your company. We are well recognized.
  • You will have advanced tools and training – You will not have to go at this alone! We offer you the training and tools you need to sustain a successful company and grow your profits and sales.

Our Story

Our family founded Bloomin’ Blinds on September 11, 2001. Literally, the morning of 9/11 the incorporation papers were filed and Bloomin’ Blinds was born…then two hours later the Twin Towers in New York were hit. In the wake of that terror came a financial collapse; not the best time to launch a new business, but we did. We learned to adapt and thrive in such a tumultuous environment and that sturdiness translates to how we run today. Nothing is recession proof, but after surviving 2001 and 2008-2010 we can confidently say Bloomin’ Blinds is recession resistant!

Today Bloomin’ Blinds is still a family company, operated and managed by the original four founders. As franchise owners, your guidance is coming directly from those that have “worked the land” and built the brand. Each franchise owner is an extension of our family and we honestly operate our business with that care and concern. Bloomin’ Blinds is committed to growth but not at the expense of losing touch with our family.

Call Bloomin’ Blinds at (855) 908-4047 to learn more about the franchise opportunities we are offering!

What You Get with Bloomin' Blinds?

  • Advanced Training

    You will receive a 2 to 3 week training where you will get details instructions on blind repair, sales, and installation.

  • Powerful Marketing Tools

    Access to all marketing materials, as well as website developed for your unique location.

  • Support You Need

    Personal support through multiple avenues, as well as scheduling and CRM software.

  • Family Friendly Atmosphere

    Working like a family company, regardless of size, is very important to our culture and business model.

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