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Blind Repair in Farmington Hills, MI

Mobile On-Site Repair for Your Home’s or Office’s Window Treatments

While window blinds are some of the most common window treatments we sell, it doesn’t mean that it’s not expensive to buy a new pair every time your old one’s strings break or the mechanics begin to wear out. At Bloomin' Blinds of Farmington Hills, we’re dedicated to providing you with the mobile repair services needed to restore the comfort and functionality of your space and window treatments.

What Are Common Problems with Window Blinds?

Whatever the problem may be, you can rest easy knowing that our team has probably seen it before. Due to our decades of combined experience repairing hundreds of window blinds, as well as extensive training from a national name in blinds repair, we’re able to fix virtually any problem you may be having.

Some of the most common problem areas of window blinds include:

  • Tilt Mechanism – Whether your set of blinds use a wand or cord, the tilt mechanism may be faulty or damaged. Either way, having the tilt mechanism stuck on your window blinds makes it impossible to control sunlight and privacy. This type of repair is common for our team to complete, and it’s speedy and affordable.
  • Barrels – The barrels are round drums that sit at the top of the blind, holding the strings in place. After a certain amount of time, these can become worn out and begin to crack. The strings can be quickly released once this gives way, causing your blinds to come apart. Our team can complete the proper barrel replacement and stringing to get things back to normal.
  • Broken Slats – Another common blind repair is replacing broken slats. While it may be caused by a football in the house or a simple swipe of a cat paw, broken slats are extremely easy to repair. This can usually be completed within the same day as inspection by our Farmington Hill repair professionals.
  • Ladders – Just like the barrels, the ladders on your blinds hold everything together and ensure it’s able to roll up and down. When the ladders break, chaos ensues, and the blinds are pretty much useless. Our team can repair the string and repair any of the associated barrels.

Give our team a call once you’ve noticed that your window blinds are becoming harder to lift, tilt, or just sit a bit funny. While we’re more than happy to offer a free quote over the phone, scheduling an in-home appointment with our team is the best way to ensure the most accurate pricing for your needs.

When you need Farmington Hills window blind repair, turn to the professionals – dial (248) 973-6580 to schedule your repair appointment.

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