Family Owned and Operated Since 2001
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Family Owned & Operated Since 2001

Meet the Team

  • Austen Autrey
    Austen Autrey Portrait
    Austen Autrey

    Austen is the five year-old son. Due to his extensive knowledge of complaining, we have put him in charge of our “Complaint Department.” So please ask for Austen when needing to file a complaint. But beware: He may not be the best listener. He is, after all, the typical five year-old! If you call to schedule an appointment and hear fake crying or loud crashes, it will probably be him. But don’t worry, he will not be making any house calls for a long time.

  • Colten Autrey
    Colten Autrey Portrait
    Colten Autrey

    Colten is the newest addition to the family, his life so far has been nothing other than blinds and moving. Colten is our New Sales Supervisor—since Bloomin’ Blinds is a no-pressure sales business we figure the best person for the job would be Colten. But you will rarely find Colten not drinking a bottle or taking a nap so his hours are very erratic.

  • Kalli Autrey
    Kalli Autrey Portrait
    Kalli Autrey

    “The Intern” Kalli is the liaison for the Austin area. She has lived here for the longest time and knows the area the best. Her network is the reason Bloomin’ Blinds was able to get off the ground. Depending on Colten’s moods you might get her on the office line. She will also be seen in the field helping with any project that comes her way. She is rapidly climbing the ladder of success within Bloomin’ Blinds ranks. If she continues the path she is on, she will quickly take over the role from Austen as “Complaint Manager.”

  • Mike Autrey
    Mike Autrey Portrait
    Mike Autrey

    Mike will be the guy you meet anytime you need something done. He will be the one to fix your blinds / shades / shutters. He will also be the one to sell you your blinds / shades / shutters. Oh, and when those blinds come in he will be the one to install them, too! No matter the project, Mike will be involved. Depending on when you call the office, he may even be the one to answer the phone to schedule your appointment. Mike had been with Bloomin’ Blinds in Dallas for years. When given the opportunity to open a Bloomin’ Blinds in Austin, he jumped in with both feet. If you find Mike without his Bloomin’ Blinds shirt on, he must be cheering on the Rangers or the Cowboys.

  • Morgan Autrey
    Morgan Autrey Portrait
    Morgan Autrey

    “The Wife” Morgan has been behind / beside Mike every step of his Bloomin’ Blinds journey. Morgan is the office manager with Bloomin’ Blinds. If you give us a call, you will get to hear her angelic voice on the other end of the line. If you listen close, you will probably also hear the feeding of a baby and the playing of a five year-old. Morgan is a full-time mother of two rowdy boys, and also has a full-time job as an office manager. Personally, we are not sure how she does it. Before the move to Austin, Morgan worked full-time in the medical field, so bear with us as she works her way through the lingo and full understanding of our system. But please don’t call during a Cowboys football game, it could be dangerous.