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How are Motorized Blinds Powered?

Nowadays, you can control your thermostat, refrigerator, and lighting from the touch of your phone (even if you’re not at home). So isn’t it about time you were able to control your window treatments as well?

When you opt for motorized treatments, your blinds and shades can do so much more than just open and close — they can control the temperature in your room, improve your safety, and even lower your heating and cooling bill.

If you’re in the market for motorized blinds, style and texture aren’t the only decision you’ll have to make. You should also consider which form of motorization works best for your home.

Powering Your Motorized Window Treatments

Battery-Powered Motorized Blinds

Pros. Battery-powered options tend to be the most common because they’re easy to install and ideal for large or uniquely-shaped windows that aren’t near an outlet. And because the battery casing is virtually undetectable, it won’t affect the overall look of your window or treatments.

Cons. The only real downside to battery-powered options is that the batteries will need to be changed every few months. If your windows sit high on your wall, this could be difficult or inconvenient for some homeowners.

Hardwired Motorization

Pros. If your window sits near an outlet, hardwired motorization may be an ideal choice. And unlike battery-powered solutions, you’ll never need to worry about changing its power supply.

Cons. Hardwired motorization is more complex than your everyday install. If you want all of the window treatments in your home to be controlled by one panel, you should hire an electrician to ensure all work is done safely.

DC Power Adapters

Pros. Looking for the best of both worlds? DC power adapters combine the simple installation of battery-powered motors with the convenience of hardwiring.

Cons. Just like hardwired motorization, this option requires a nearby outlet. One of the few drawbacks to DC power adapters is that you may have visible cords if the outlet isn’t right next to your window.

Solar Power

Pros. Looking for an eco-friendly and convenient option? Solar powered blinds are ideal for windows that receive plenty of sunlight. And because you harness the power of the sun to control your blinds, you’ll likely notice little-to-no increase in your energy use.

Cons. Typically, the only time we’d advise against solar-powered treatments is if your window rarely faces the sun or is shaded by trees, awnings, or overhangs.

At Bloomin’ Blinds, our greatest priority is your comfort and satisfaction. That is why we offer a wide variety of motorized blinds, shutters, and shades to meet all your needs. Contact us today to find your nearest Bloomin’ Blinds!