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Making the Most of Your Online Window Treatment Consultation

Are you in need of new window treatments but have no idea where to begin? How about with a consultation in the very room you’re trying to buy window treatments for? Thanks to our virtual consultation services, you can find window treatments for every room in your house without ever leaving your couch.

How to Prepare for Your Virtual Consultation

couple having a consultation

To get the most of your virtual consultation, we suggest you:

Explore Our Site and Photo Gallery

white living room with bamboo shades

Before your call begins, take a look through our site to get an understanding of which treatments you like the most. Look around our photo gallery for design inspiration and identify what you like and don't like.

Explore Our Pinterest Account

beautiful living room with drapes

Our Pinterest page is full of ideas, inspiration, images, and more. Check out our varied Pinterest boards to get more ideas on the kinds of window treatments you like and want for your home.

Create a Design Board for Inspiration

blue and white bedroom with curtains

Have you ever wondered how professional home designers create a beautiful room? A design board usually plays a big role. If this is your first time making one, be careful not to just save every photo you like, or you’ll end up with hundreds of images burning a hole in your phone. Instead, we’ve got a few tips.

  • Start with images of things you already have. Not planning on changing your wood floors or brick fireplace? Find images online or take your own and include them first. Now you can start to build around them.
  • Include textures and patterns you like. Not every photo needs to be of a couch or window blinds you like; some can simply be square patterns and textures you like.
  • Save paint colors the right way. Find a room with a beautiful paint color? Try to save an image of the actual paint color, through the manufacturer’s site (not a picture of the color already in a room).
  • Focus on realistic images you can recreate. Lots of windows and high ceilings make for a beautiful picture, but they’re usually not features that are common in most homes.

Take Photos and Measurements of Your Current Treatments

man measuring blinds

In order for our design experts to understand your home, it’s important that they see photos of the windows you currently have, as well as their existing treatments. Once we see the size and shape of your window, we’ll be able to find the perfect treatments. Use our handy measuring tool to assist in preparing for your virtual consultation, available here.

Understand How the Space is Used

living space with shades

Are you decorating a living room or a bedroom? Will kids and pets be running through the room or is it a formal space? Finding the right treatments is about a lot more than just style and look — they also need to be functional. By explaining how you’ll be using the space, our decorators can suggest options like motorization or room darkening.

At Bloomin' Blinds, our greatest priority is your comfort and satisfaction. That is why we offer a wide variety of blinds, shutters, and shades to meet all your needs. Contact us today to find your nearest location!

Kelsey Stuart About the Author: Kelsey Stuart, Bloomin’ Blinds
Kelsey is the current CEO for Bloomin’ Blinds and has been an expert in the window covering industry since 2002. He is an expert in window treatment sales and marketing, and has sold over $2.5 million in window coverings in a year. Kelsey’s favorite hobby is traveling and tries to take week-long trips at least once every three months. He also enjoys anything involving mountains, pine needles, and hiking.