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Window Measuring Mistakes

Just as you’d want a custom suit to be exactly tailored to your unique measures, the same is true for window treatments. At Bloomin’ Blinds, every window covering we make is custom made to ensure it fits your windows, even if they are an unusual shape. Exact measurements are necessary to ensure your blinds, shades, or shutters fit properly.

Once you decide to get new window coverings, you may be daunted by the somewhat tedious task of measuring your windows to ensure you get the right size coverings. If you opt to do your own measuring, it’s important to ensure you’re doing it right, so you don’t get the wrong size blinds and must start over again. Before you ever pull out a tape measurer, you should make a choice on what style of window treatment you’d like, because they have different measuring guides, based on whether it’s an inside or outside mount.

Some of the most common errors made while measuring blinds include:

  • Not measure to the exact 1/8th of an inch: Windows can have small variations because of the framing or from your house settling on its foundation over time. Always measure each window separately, even if two or more windows appear to be the exact same size.
  • Measuring the existing window coverings inside of the window opening itself: You may think you just need to measure for the size you want the blinds to be. Do NOT do this. You should always measure for the exact size of the window opening, edge to edge. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your blinds company wants to know the size of what the blinds should be – leave that to us!
  • Not measuring for 3 places for each window: height, width, and depth. Depth is particularly important based on whether you’re measuring for an inside or an outside mount.
  • Not using a proper measuring tape: Rulers, cloth measuring tapes, or yardsticks need not apply! You should always use a steel measuring tape. If you don’t have one already, pick up a full-sized steel measuring tape at your local hardware store.
  • Mistaking height for width and vice versa: It’s quite common to mix up the numbers for height and width. To avoid this, use a measuring guide and double check your measurements.

Is There a Standard Window Size?

You may assume windows come in a standard size, but we’re here to clear up the misconception. There is no such thing as a “standard size” window. Likewise, just because all the windows in one room appear to be the same size (yes, even if they’re right next to each other), you should make sure to measure all three.

Should I Measure for an Inside or an Outside Mount?

Many of the same principles apply for inside versus outside mount applications. The difference with an outside mount is that you can build out the frame and add depth where you want it.

Don’t want to measure yourself? Bloomin’ Blinds can help! Schedule an appointment for your FREE in-home estimate. We’ll measure your windows and help you choose the right window coverings for you home.

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Kevin Stuart About the Author: Kevin Stuart, Bloomin’ Blinds
Kevin has been a part of the Bloomin’ Blinds team since 2004. He is an expert in window covering repairs and has been known to finish even the hardest repair in 12 minutes and 26 seconds (the fastest Bloomin’ Blinds repair time yet). Kevin loves puzzles and values fixing things and bringing smiles to the faces of his clients.