Family Owned and Operated Since 2001
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Family Owned & Operated Since 2001

Meet the Team

  • Becca Buls
    Becca Buls

    Becca joined the team in early 2013. Having grown up with her father in the window covering industry, Becca has this business in her veins. After a very productive time at a major local manufacturer, we began a courting process with hopes that Becca would see the benefit of a smaller, family owned operation vs. a larger corporate structure…turns out it was a great fit.

  • Deann Martin
    Deann Martin

    We had to pull Deann off of a cruise ship to come to work for us…crying something about “living the island life”, we sat her down under fluorescent lights and she has made the best of it. Dec 2015 will mark the addition of a grandbaby to her world and we couldn’t be more shocked, we thought Deann was about 25. Deann is a rock in our office and a superstar in her own right! If you have five minutes ask her about the time she got a jellyfish stuck in a braid…had to get it out with peanut butter!

  • Deseree Fernandes
    Deseree Fernandes

    “Dez” joined us in mid-2015 and what a breath of fresh air. Known around the office for her big smile and quick wit, Dez is a superstar on the phones. Having moved her family to Dallas for a job that disappeared as they arrived, Dez showed up needing a job…little did we know that we needed her more than she needed us. If you have a moment, ask her about the Cadillac Casserole…her magic ingredient will blow you away!

  • Jerry Fernandez
    Jerry Fernandez Entrepreneur

    Jerry is what we call a transplant in the Dallas area, but we accept it as he has been a lifelong Cowboys fan even while growing up in California. With a long history in construction, Jerry has really found a hidden talent in the window covering industry. We haven't found an installation or a repair that Jerry can't come up with a great solution to. Always in a good mood and looking for a great conversation, Jerry is an all-star on our team. If he "misbehaves" be sure to call the office, his wife works here too and you could really effect his Christmas present!

  • JJ Hendrix
    JJ Hendrix Entrepreneur

    JJ has joined our team in 2016 and taken to install and repairs like a duck to water. With a strong background in the construction industry and a long run as a professional handyman, this guy is truly a jack of all trades. No ladder is too tall and not job is too big. We know we can point JJ to a project and EVERYONE is going to come out of this happy. Solid guy and one of our favorite people in the world...we are sure you will agree.

  • Karen McGuffin
    Karen McGuffin Entrepreneur

    Karen has been in the blind cleaning and blind repair business since 1993. After eight years, she sold her first blind cleaning business in Seattle, WA. Bloomin’ Blinds is her second blind cleaning and repair company. Karen is a lifelong entrepreneur, having opened and sold other businesses including clothing stores and a chain of pizza restaurants. Karen is passionate about travel, her family, and giving back to local charities.

  • Kevin Stuart
    Kevin Stuart Jack of all Trades

    Kevin’s role has changed over the years from out in the field to in our office. Today, Kevin is the warehouse manager, in-house repair tech, and takes care of our Internet orders. Truth is, Kevin is our jack of all trades. If you come to the shop, it will likely be Kevin that is there to take care of you. Kevin may just be the most social person you have ever met. Loaded with friends around the country, Kevin loves a good get together and traveling to see his friends.

  • Kelsey Stuart
    Kelsey Stuart Sales & Marketing

    Kelsey focuses on new blind sales and marketing for the company. Kelsey has two girls that have him wrapped around their young little fingers. Just ask him, he is quick to show off! When not working on the growth of Bloomin’ Blinds, Kelsey enjoys running away to Mexican resorts with his family, and he loves spending time with his kids and thinking up new ways to making the girls giggle.

  • Kris Stuart
    Kris Stuart Technical Guru

    Kris has been with Bloomin’ Blinds from the beginning. Known as our “technical guru,” Kris has a gift when it comes to figuring out repairs and making things work. Many of the repair techniques we use today are the direct result of his expertise. Kris is a full-time firefighter and comes to play with us when not at the station. Kris has a love of firearms, explosions, and everything that goes *boom!*

  • Josh Wardlaw
    Josh Wardlaw Window Washing

    Josh is the one who makes the glass shine! Little did Josh know that when he signed up to be a firefighter for the city of Aubrey, it would lead to his true calling…window washing. Josh and Kris Stuart worked at the fire station together and as Bloomin’ Blinds grew into window washing, Josh was offered the chance to be our first team member in this new division.